Why does my Xbox One keep turning on and how to fix it?

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If you check on online forums, you will see that many Xbox One users have reported this issue : their Xbox keep turning on by itself for no apparent reason. So be reassured, you are not alone facing this problem. But don’t worry, causes are often very simple to fix and you probably won’t have to visit your seller’s after sales service. Let’s see the different reasons why your Xbox keeps turning on and how to fix it.

Your Xbox One may just be dirty

Many will think that this a quite stupid reason to cover in an article, but actually, this is the most common reason why your Xbox keeps turning on, and here is why: compared to older Xbox versions, the Xbox One is equipped with a touch switch icon, as opposition to a physical button. Indeed, physical buttons were problematic because dirt tended to integrate around them.

On the other hand, although many would think that touch switch buttons would be a great step forward, they are triggered by static energy produced by our body, but also by simple dust. For this reason, they tend to be way too sensitive and the slightest speck of dust would turn on your Xbox.

You can easily imagine that in order to solve this problem, you just need to clean your console with a dry cloth.

Kinect technology makes its own

You are probably wondering what Kinect technology is? It is a technology that has been integrated into a fairly rare range of Xbox (probably because it was too problematic). In fact, it is nothing very complicated: it simply detects sounds and surrounding movements, and thus turn on your console by simply pronouncing the terms “Hey Cortana” or “XBox”.

Again, this may sound like a stroke of genius, much like the Wii. Except that it was developed in a far too sensitive way, and that it tends to associate any word with its reference vocabulary, thus turning on the console in a completely unexpected way and without the knowledge of its user.

Rest assured, this option can be disabled in just a few steps, which are:

  • Go to the Settings page,
  • Select “Power and Start Up”,
  • Choose “Select Power Mode and Start Up”,
  • Check the box “Disable automatic switch-on by saying Hey Cortana or Xbox”.

Once these operations have been carried out, your console should resume normal activity.

The problem can come from a controller

If you’re using a controller with your Xbox One, it may be the cause of your troubles. Indeed, a bad configuration or obsolete updates (see below) can make it incompatible with your console and create many complications. To verify that this is the source of the problem, remove the battery from your controller and see if the problem persists.

Outdated updates can cause many bugs

You are not a fan of automatic updates, and that is understandable. Launching updates while you are about to play your brand new game received the day before for your birthday, it can make you crazy, for sure. However, this is not a reason to completely abandon the idea of installing updates! Indeed, the latter make it possible to avoid the latest viruses and hacks, to install new parameters, but above all to correct bugs. They are therefore absolutely essential for the proper functioning of your console.

For example, if your controller is causing your box to bug, the problem may have been resolved in one of the latest updates, so don’t despair. Take your pain patiently and download the updates manually. Likewise, if your console hasn’t been connected to the internet for a long time, it’s time to give it a refreshing connection.

Beware of TVs equipped with HDMI-CEC technology

What is this barbaric term, you wonder? Again, don’t panic, it’s nothing too complicated. This is only a feature that allows your Xbox to turn on instantly when you turn on your TV. This option is very useful if you only use it for playing, but can be very inconvenient if you use it for other functions.

Are your connections healthy?

Take a look at your connections and count (frankly, without cheating) how many sockets are connected to your power strip. Too much is what is often the case. If your power strip is overloaded, it can deteriorate and lead to certain malfunctions. So unplug your console and reconnect it directly to the main wall outlet.

Reset your box

The problem persists? Attempt to reset your Xbox by holding your finger for 10 seconds on the power icon, then unplug it for another 10 seconds. Replug and see it your problem is solved.

If none of all these tips do it, then you have only one solution left: turn to your after-sales service.

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