The best Sweet and Romantic words that will impress your girlfriend

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Saying sweet words to your beloved one can make your relationship stay strong. Women love sweet and cute things, and words are often your best ally. When a man talks sweetly or says romantic things to the future love of his life, it almost always means bonus points for him. In the following article, we will give you the best tricks to sugarcoat your relationship. Your girl will be so impressed, that she will want to kiss you all day. Moreover, you will find a list of words to make your crush blush, exciting isn’t it? Let’s start!

Top 25 romantic things to say to impress your girlfriend

It goes without saying, no girlfriend hates romantic words. Giving her a sweet compliment to her beauty will make her smile, or even cry with tears of happiness. Here are some funny and cute compliments you can say to your lovely other half:

  1. My heart stops beating when you smile at me.
  2. No matter what happens, I will always love you.
  3. You are the best choice I’ve ever made in my entire life.
  4. You are the most beautiful person I’ve had the privilege of knowing.
  5. Your amazing beauty always stuns me in a way I can’t explain.
  6. I’m so lucky to be your man. I wouldn’t want to be with anyone else! That’s the truth!
  7. Our love is like waves in the ocean, sometimes calm, sometimes tempestuous, but they always remain.
  8. You are my queen and I will always be your king.
  9. You are so gorgeous that my heart aches when I see you
  10. I love all those small imperfections that you have; as they say, it is the small things that matter the most!
  11. You’re an inspiration to me, I am becoming a better man every day that I have you by my side.
  12. When I am with you, it feels like I have my very own personal paradise.
  13. Your smile makes my heart beat like 10 cups of cappuccino!
  14. If there was a life after death, I would only want one thing, and that is to be with you.
  15. I still remember our first date like it was yesterday.
  16. The first time I saw you, I knew you were the one for me.
  17. You’re my honey, and I always want to lick it all!
  18. People say that chocolate makes you happy, so eating chocolate with you would be even more amazing!
  19. I love all the little moments we have together, even when we don’t do much, it’s always a good time.
  20. It doesn’t matter if you are angry at me or if I am angry because of you, in the end, I know that I will be happy that you are still by my side.
  21. Thank you for accepting my strengths as well as my weaknesses
  22. When you fart beside me and that you are laughing, I know that you are the one!
  23. I love kissing you everywhere, especially on your cheeks and on your neck.
  24. Getting a kiss from you is always comforting, and it somehow solves almost all my problems.
  25. Sometimes, all I want to do all day is to cuddle with you until dinner time!

20 sweet things to say to your girlfriend

Sweet words always make your girl smile. They will make her feel precious and will help elevate your relationship to the next level:

  1. Every time I think of you, my heart just melts!
  2. When I look at you, I can’t help thinking what does such an incredible woman see in a man like me?
  3. You changed my life for the better, and I thank you for that.
  4. Thinking about you always makes my day.
  5. I wouldn’t trade your love for all the diamonds in the world.
  6. I’m so lucky, you’re the reason I am happy every day.
  7. Sometimes I think you are an angel because it feels like you answered all of my prayers.
  8. I love everything about you, your flaws as much as your qualities.
  9. You always give me a light in my darkest nights.
  10. I want to let you know that I really appreciate that you’re looking after me, you’re the best!
  11. I really don’t know what I would do without you!
  12. I think I just love being in love with you, it makes my day better.
  13. I wish days were longer when I’m with you, it seems to never be enough.
  14. You’re the cutest thing in the world, and you always make me feel special.
  15. You are so cute when you walk, eat, sleep, sing… actually you are always the cutest.
  16. I love waking up beside you in the morning, every day is a good day.
  17. Last night, I had a dream with an angel, and when I woke up beside you, I was wondering if I was still dreaming.
  18. I knew you would be the perfect girl for me, but every day you just keep getting better.
  19. You’re the sweetest and cutest little woman that I know.
  20. Even sometimes we have our differences, we keep getting back to each other and I feel so lucky for that.

18 cute things to say to make your crush blush

If you have a crush, there are certain things you can say to make her blush. Talking to her with cute words will melt her heart and eventually make her fall in love with you:

  1. Sometimes I just want to hold you forever.
  2. I wake up with a smile every morning, go through my daily routine with a smile, and finally go to sleep, waiting to start a new tomorrow.
  3. My heart is on a journey every time I look into your eyes.
  4. Your cute smile makes me shy every time but I try to hide it, does it work?
  5. I am going to call the cops. I think it’s illegal to be as gorgeous as you.
  6. I am starting to believe that love does exist when I am with you.
  7. If you need someone to talk to, know that I’m always there.
  8. I don’t know what real attraction means, but your presence is like a magnet to me.
  9. You might just be the missing piece of my life’s puzzle, and believe me, I have been waiting for a long time to complete that one!
  10. If I was diabetic, it wouldn’t work between us because you’re so sweet!
  11. When you smile my heart is beating so fast, it’s as if I ran a marathon!
  12. I always enjoy our conversations, it feels like I know you for a very long time, but yet we just started to see each other.
  13. I hope to see you soon again because I sincerely enjoy the moments we have together.
  14. Come over, I have all your favs: beer, chocolate, and of course, me!
  15. I know that I am in love because every time I read anything romantic I think of you.
  16. Sorry if I’m staring at you sometimes, but I just can’t keep my eyes off of you.
  17. It’s true that I’m shy with you even though it’s not always obvious.
  18. It feels like everything you say always has a good purpose, I wish we could spend more time together.

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