Does the Great Courses Plus and the Great Courses worth it?

A computer to learn

During the quarantine, the whole world was stopped and many people were bored to stay in their home. To get out of that cycle, most of them were seeking actions to do. For a large majority of them, they tried to learn something. Spending time at home is the best time to add some knowledge. During this time, a new website has made his way: The Great Courses and The Great Courses Plus. It provides material to all these people looking for a tool to base their knowledge. But, are they really worth it? How much the Great Courses and the Great Courses Plus cost? Here’s our review for this site.

Learning all the time

During this time of quarantine, many people spent our time watching TV, played video games or reading. In these people, a smart part wanted to spend their time for acquiring new knowledge and skills. That’s why this website had such reputation. The Great Courses is a great tool when you want to learn quickly and easily. This platform is also called the Netflix of learning. It promotes the concept of lifelong learning.

For the founder of The Great Courses Thomas Rollins, who is the former Chief Counsel of the US Senate Committee on Labor and Human Resources, learning is an endless journey. He is passionate with learning in all its form. He created this platform in 1990 and at this time he spent all the energy and the money he could bring. To conclude, he chose the best teachers and experts from all around the world in order to provide the best learning experience.

The Great Courses and The Great Courses plus: the Netflix of Learning

As we said earlier, these websites are called the Netflix of Learning, why? Because it provides varied themes and many supports.

Any field of knowledge

Those sites are providing thousands of themes that can be explored. They are ranged by academical topics like maths, physics, biology, literature, history, etc. In all of these topics, you will find themes like gardening, history of The Middle Ages, meditation and thousands more.

For any supports

Those websites were created in order to bring knowledge to everyone that want to. In order to do that, it provides numerous types of support. First of all, the learners can access an online digital video library and a consequent amount of hard copy material like CDs, DVDs, workbooks and guidebooks. When you pay for that service, you can even receive special emails sent by teachers to learn more about a topic.

Moreover, this service was created to help all the people to get knowledge. That’s why this service can be used by young people with the mobile application or online, but it also can be used by olders who are not familiar with informatics thanks to the CDs and DVDs and all the copy materials that this site allows them to access.

How much do the Great Courses and the Great Courses Plus cost?

If you never heard about these sites, the prices could frighten you a bit. This is true, they are a bit expensive but if you check the reviews of users, you will see that most of them are positive. For the Great Courses, you will have to pay every individual course around $500. Moreover, the Great Courses Plus allow every person to pay $49.45 per month or $360 per year.

Fortunately, there are sales for topics every day. On the main menu, you can access to the Sales page and you will see that many courses are on sale for a price that can be down to 90 % of their prices on the Black Friday for example. In fact, sometimes you can find great courses free lectures.

With the Great Courses Plus, you will be able to learn every single topic in the collection at any time. The subscription allows access to unlimited videos. You will be free to see every topic that you want. Moreover, a month free trial is offered for any new subscription. In a match Great Courses vs Great Courses Plus, the second one would have won thanks to its unlimited access of knowledge.

Are the Great Courses and the Great Courses Plus worth it?

Concretely, there are many positive reviews for both of these sites.

Main positive reviews

The first thing that people like about these sites is the variety of courses offered and all the supports that can be used to learn. Then, they talk a lot about the quality of the courses and the teacher’s enthusiasm. To conclude positive reviews, a lot of people are saying that sales are great and allows everyone to knowledge access.

Negative reviews

Indeed, every single site and application in the world have positive and negative reviews. For the Great Courses and the Great Courses Plus, the first thing that comes to every mind is the price. Some people can’t just afford it. Moreover, the mobile application lack of ergonomic features like bookmarks and search functions.

1 Comment on "Does the Great Courses Plus and the Great Courses worth it?"

  1. I absolutely love both sites. All of the professors are top educators in their fields and there are a broad range of topics (from gardening to learning a foreign language).
    However, the courses are not as pricey as the article mentions. While it’s true, some courses can be priced at the 500.00 range, they always go on sale at some point. I have never paid more than 69.99 for a complete course and that’s only because I was too impatient to wait for a sale.
    The Great Courses Plus is only 30.00 for 3 months. That’s around 33 cents a day!
    I have been with The Great Courses Plus for over 10 years and can’t say enough wonderful things about this company. And the customer support is top notch. If there is a problem they do everything to fix it in a timely manner. I highly recommend checking them out. It’s wonderful to be able to learn something new everyday for pennies on the dollar.

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