Do You Know the History of the Legendary Omega Speedmaster Watch?

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History is not only made by men. Special moments also relate to special objects. That is why so many collectors around the world are looking to bring home part of history, by acquiring such objects. The Omega Speedmaster watch is one of those articles that they are searching for, as it took part in all six lunar missions directed by NASA.

A Watch that went to the Moon and Back

History is full of difficult moments, such as wars, natural disasters and pandemics (like the coronavirus crisis we are going through.) But it is also made of events that create ultimate joy, shared by everyone around the world. One such event took place in July 1969, when mankind, through the courage of a few astronauts, and the creativity and ingenuity of many engineers and other professionals, managed to send a few men to walk on the moon.

The legendary Omega Speedmaster watch was part of the first lunar mission and remained a part of all the teams that followed suit, visiting the moon again. That is no small feat. And one of the reasons why the astronauts chose that watch is that since its creation in 1957, the Speedmaster had been known for its precision, readability and robustness. It was an element the space travelers could count on, as they left earth to navigate into the unknown.

A Watch Travelling through Time Seamlessly

Sixty-three years later, the Omega Speedmaster watch is still one of the favourite models of watch collectors and those looking to buy a timepiece to wear every day or on special occasions. Its timeless design is what explains this continued interest. Today, it features an asymmetrical 42 mm case in stainless steel, which is inspired by the 4th generation of the Speedmaster; the one that was worn during the Apollo 11 mission, which was the first moon landing.

Throughout its existence, the Omega Speedmaster core went through some modifications. At the beginning, it was powered by the iconic calibre 321. That remained so until 1968, when it was changed to the calibre 861. It continued its growth through an update that featured the high-grade rhodium-plated finish of the calibre 1861 and went even further, adding more beauty with the calibre 1863.

In 2020, consumers buying an Omega Speedmaster watch still benefit from the same hand-wound movement that already existed when NASA sent astronauts to the moon, wearing them. It is a guarantee of quality proven by the longevity and the popularity of the Omega Speedmaster watch; one that made history.

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