New JRR Tolkien Movie: Is there a Silmarillion Release Date Announced Yet?


JRR Tolkien has created a world, filled with strange characters, of which many have dreamed of while reading his books. But throughout the last decades, this author has regained a lot of popularity, thanks to the fact that his writing was brought to the big screen, through movies with many instalments. Now, everybody wants to know when the Silmarillion movie will be released, as the next JRR Tolkien movie. Is there such a date?

The Silmarillion Movie: An Overall View of Middle Earth

Although moviegoers have a very good idea of what Tolkien’s world is made of, thanks to the two three-parts movies “The Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit”, they have yet to fully discover Middle Earth which was really described entirely in the Silmarillion book. That is why so many people are curious and anxious to have the chance to watch the Simarillion full movie. They want to go deeper into JRR Tolkien’s mind and see what they have yet to learn about this world.

Today, TV series are more popular than movies. At the time when they shot the two previous films (Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit), TV series were only slowly rising to the status they currently hold. But even then, the director and the producers of these movies had understood the power of a multi-part film as they created two trilogies with the two books. The Silmarillion movie will no doubt be treated the same way, as it will give a greater chance to the viewer to fully immerse themselves into the imagination of this wonderful writer.

Will the Silmarillion be the Next JRR Tolkien Movie?

The truth is, it is not certain that there will be a Silmarillion movie. This type of film requires a massive budget and it is getting harder and harder in the industry to gather such a large amount of money, with the distribution route becoming more and more unique: VOD platform. Before, movies like Lord of the Rings and The Hobit had a much longer distribution route, which enabled them to bring in revenues at different stages. Although they still exist, the cinemas don’t bring in as much as they used to, and the sales of DVDs are not what they used to be.

In fact, the large studios are currently asking themselves: “How can we enlarge our revenue stream so that we can continue to shoot mega-films like the ones based on JRR Tolkien’s books?” One of the answers Disney is looking into is by asking a completely inflated price to watch one (and only one) of its new movies on their VOD platform recently launched. They have announced that viewers wanting to download their latest film “Mulan” would have to pay an amount of $29.99US. That is not to stock the movie – It’s only a one-time view deal! This is a test to see how much they can stretch the consumers’ wallet, in order not to leave any money on the table, as they say in business.

Silmarillion: A complete Discovery of Middle Earth

Creating a world is not easy. You cannot leave any empty space, or else, when the readers would go through the books, they would find themselves looking at a map with holes in it, which clearly could not work. The amount of work that Tolkien invested into creating Middle Earth is simply massive. In fact, he created more than a world: A whole mythology. You could say that to a certain degree Tolkien played God and did quite well at it. Ever since he built this universe, more and more people enter its realm and fantasize about it.

His best-known work is certainly “The Lord of the Rings”, but it was not the only one taking place in Middle Earth. In total, Tolkien wrote twelve books taking place in this imaginary universe. Among them, the Silmarillion should be considered as the foundation, since it is the one explaining how Middle Earth was created and describes everything that lives or exist within it. Think of it like some kind of a bible. It contains the story of the origin of Middle Earth, its religions and it explains how the gods created it and all the creatures that populate the world.

It goes through the various family trees and describes how all characters came to life. These are the same ones you will find later on inside Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. You learn about the various languages being spoken inside Middle Earth and how to pronounce them, making this an extensive work which is finite. Everything that takes place inside Tolkien’s stories exists inside the realms of this world.

If you have not read this book yet and you were thinking of waiting to discover the Silmarillion as a movie instead, don’t wait anymore. Since no date has been announced, it will be much faster for you to learn and understand Tolkien’s world by reading his work. There is no doubt that you’ll spend many nights getting lost into this fantasy, dreaming of strange creatures and great adventures.

An upcoming TV show for The Lord Of The Ring?

For the moment, no new middle earth film or JRR Tolkien film was announced. In order to keep the Tolkien’s movie fans close, in 2017, the new TV show about Tolkien creations and more particularly The Lord Of The ring was announced by Amazon Prime Video. This TV show should be about the second age intrigue which means that we are maybe going to see Aragorn’s origin and Gandalf’s life before Mordor. However, at the moment we don’t have any news about the Silmarillion movie, and we don’t have any dates for the new Tolkien movie. So, it will thus be necessary to be satisfied with this TV shows which 5 seasons was announced of.


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  1. Reading the book itself has help to create an imaginary picture of tolkien’s world, it gives insight into the works of world visualised him. But it would have been more satisfying if you quench the desire to see how he studded all imaginary works of art mention in the book, so as not to live one in suspence…. Anyway its a good one kudos to him.

  2. The premise that comprehensive fantasy worlds are not easy to create is quite true. It doesn’t follow that they have not been created. Dozens of such worlds have been created through fantasy novels and games, many as comprehensive as Tolkien’s if not as beautiful. I designed a world for a RPG that my gaming group played for forty years. The reason so many cannot find these worlds is that they do not know where to look.

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