Romantic Guide 101: How to admire your girl

Keep the love strong in your couple

Romantic lesson 101, girls love sweet compliments and always want to be the most beautiful person in the eyes of the one they love. Although it seems difficult and unusual for men, it is important to flatter your girl to show love and interest in a romantic way. As they say, talk is cheap, but romance is invaluable. Here we have listed 65 sweet compliments that (almost) always work. You can pick the ones that seem the most natural for you and try them out on your girlfriend at the appropriate moment. Let’s have some fun, and good luck!

20 Sweet compliments for dating

When you ask her to hang out or have dinner with you, do not forget to sweet talk a girl into liking you. For example, you can simply admire her stunning outfit when you see her, or tell her that she is the most beautiful woman tonight, or simply tell her how happy you feel being with her.

It is super easy to say something sweet, yet many men fail to deliver! This could change the night in a blink of an eye, and become the most memorable date of your life! We joke you not, try one of these:

  1. Your sexy personality is like caramel, it melts when it’s warm.
  2. I am excited every time I see you.
  3. Am I the luckiest guy on the planet? I must be up there because I am with you.
  4. I love looking at your eyes.
  5. I love talking about everything and anything with you.
  6. I’m always having a blast when we hang out together.
  7. I always have a good time just being with you and doing nothing.
  8. You make me laugh and smile, and that was so rare before I met you.
  9. If you are someone’s reason to smile, then I am that reason.
  10. I think your soul is the sexiest part of your body.
  11. I love every inch of you, and that includes your toes.
  12. Your sense of fashion is amazing.
  13. You’re the best listener.
  14. You are the most beautiful you there is.
  15. You got the best laugh and I can’t stop trying to make you laugh because of that.
  16. You look amazing in that dress.
  17. I can fully be myself with you.
  18. You have such a great talent for putting together the most gorgeous outfits.
  19. Every time I see you, I feel my body is shaking a bit, like when I drink a lot of coffee.
  20. I am with the loveliest person on Earth.

15 Ways to admire your girl

Do you know some compliments can build a girl’s sexual attraction towards you? If you flatter her the right way, she will find you so sexually attractive that you might have a sexy moment together.

We assure you that the list below includes effective phrases that any girl can’t resist:

  1. You’re the best at being cute and cuddling.
  2. You’re the greatest kisser I had the chance to kiss.
  3. When my skin touches yours, it’s like there is an energy between us, do you feel it?
  4. I could have sex with you forever.
  5. You are absolutely breathtaking.
  6. Your lips always look kissable.
  7. The hardest part of hugging you is letting you go.
  8. You’ve got a sexy personality.
  9. I want to kiss you forever.
  10. You look the most beautiful as soon as you step out of the shower.
  11. Your skin is so soft.
  12. I love holding you in my arms.
  13. The way your hips sway when you walk is super sexy.
  14. You smell so nice. That perfume smells like heaven.
  15. You are so sultry. Every inch of your body tastes delicious.

20 Compliments that keep your relationship strong

Most of the men rarely speak sweetly to their girlfriend or their wife after being together for several years. However, a sincere compliment from the man she loves is what a woman desperately wants, but she will never tell you.

So, to keep your marriage fresh and romantic, we got your back! These messages below might help bring the romance on the right path in your couple’s life:

  1. You’re even more beautiful than when I first met you.
  2. You look stunning with and without makeup.
  3. Waking up with you is one of my favorite moments of the day.
  4. You’re my family now, so never feel like you are an outsider.
  5. I would like to grow old with you.
  6. You have my heart.
  7. You’re the better part of me.
  8. You’re even sexier when you’re bossy.
  9. Even when you are grouchy, I still love you.
  10. You are pretty much everything I have ever wanted in a woman.
  11. I didn’t know what it meant to be a man until I met you.
  12. I love that you take care of me.
  13. I can be myself without worrying about anything when I’m with you.
  14. You help me be the best version of myself.
  15. I will always have your back.
  16. You are everything to me.
  17. I wish to make you laugh at every chance I get.
  18. My parents can’t stop talking about you (and it’s in a good way).
  19. I rather spend time with you than with my friends today.
  20. You make me want to become my best because you deserve the best.

Last but not least, do not forget to support your other half in everything: her work, her activities, or her hobbies. For example, a simple “thank you for being such an amazing mom for your kids” or “I can see how hard you have been working lately” can go a long way.

In the relationship, remember that you need to encourage each other and speak kindly to each other every single day. Good luck and we hope this article helps you spice things up and improve your relationship.

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