Surprising Facts About The Net Worth Of The Vatican And Pope Francis

Pope Francis

Every religion pivots on belief. The belief might be on a person or a place. It can be humanitarian or superficial. Having a firm belief determines your loyalty to a particular religion. We live in a world where pious religious people show the common public the way of truth and enlightenment.

Significance of the Vatican and the Pope

The Vatican has a less but devoted population with a significant amount of worth. Moreover, we have come across public figures that believe in the simplistic approach of life and have a way less net worth than what is expected from them. Hence, people place their trust in them and cater to every psychological and financial requirement. Consequently, their worth becomes more than what people expect. Pope Francis is the epitome of religious belief in Roman Catholics and around the world. He is considered to be one of the most prominent public figures. The procedure of electing a Pope with white smoke and people around the world waiting for the result shows the true loyalty people hold for the Pope. Hence, the net worth of Pope Francis is astonishing enough.

The net worth of Vatican City

The Vatican is one of the most religious and richest states around the world. The place is a pilgrimage for Roman Catholics, which makes it the cynosure of wealth and riches. It is difficult to estimate its worth, but statistics suggest that the state is worth around $15 bn. It is astonishing for such a small state with this low population to hike up to that magnificent worth.

The city-state owns valuable assets, which make it the center of attraction for tourists and adds up to its value. The venerable church attracts more people than the city-state itself. The magnificent infrastructure of various churches and chapels in the state is nowhere else to be found. The St. Peter’s Basilica is the world’s largest basilica. It forms the centerpiece of the Vatican, where St. Peter was buried. Moreover, the Sistine Chapel, built by Pope Sixtus IV in 1473-84, augments the beauty of the state.

Moreover, the Vatican holds valuable artwork by revered artists like Michelangelo and Raphael. The price of the artwork increases with time. Hence, the worth of the Vatican is on an unimpeded growth. Some of these works are considered “priceless.” Ironically, they add up the most to the value.

Additionally, the city has a number of investments from foreign and native investors. It owns shares worth billions. Some of the investment giants are Gulf oil, Shell, General Electric, etc. This makes it a significant hub for business along with its divine aroma, which results in a meteoric increase in wealth.

The Net Worth of Pope Francis

Pope Francis was born on 17 December 1936 in Flores Buenos Aires, Argentina. He serves as the head of the sovereign of the Vatican city-state and the catholic church. He is the 266th Pope of the church following Pope Benedict XVI. His predecessor held him in high regard and called him to meet before he gave up the papacy instead of Pope Francis issuing comments against him and his work. This shows the reverence people held for Pope Francis. The Pope chose the name Francis in remembrance of Saint Francis of Assisi.

The humble personality of Pope Francis is known to everyone. It is shown more explicitly in the movie ‘Two Popes’ when he asks Pope Benedict XVI to stay the Pope for long and revoke his decision of making him the Pope.

He became the Pope when times were tough, and there were allegations of misconduct by the Papacy. He placated all the rumors and maintained peace among people. These traits add to his worth substantially. These qualities make it easy for people to place their belief in him. Pope Francis is not flamboyant in his expenses. He is a modest man who believes in living in humble surroundings. He does not believe in the pompous representation of Papacy. Consequently, his net worth might be a little less than his predecessors, but the man is won by his heart.

The net worth of Pope Francisco has always been in discussion as the numbers are low for a Pope. His worth is estimated to be around $25 to $28 million. This number varies with different estimations. Moreover, Pope Francis holds control of various assets in the Vatican. These assets do not add up to his net worth.

However, the information regarding the assets owned by the Pope isn’t reliable enough to be calculated as net worth. Being such a big public figure, it becomes concomitant to estimate the person’s worth. Contrarily, the Pope has been simplistic in his deeds, which makes it difficult for people to correctly determine his wealth as a person’s lifestyle is a mirror to his true belongings.

What about Catholic Church net worth?

If you have read that article, you might ask what is the net worth of the Catholic Church around the world. That is a really hard question to answer. In fact, it is really impossible to know how much money does the Catholic Church have. Moreover, in the 1960s, Italian media have discovered that the Vatican had invested in entities that can cost thousands of dollars. However, the question that can be answered is: how rich is the Vatican Bank? In 2014, the Vatican has declared that they own almost €3.2 billion. But, there are no possibilities to count the Catholic Church net worth because they own churches, cathedrals, and many other buildings all around the world.

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  1. ..“Pope Francis was born on 17 December 1976 in Flores Buenos Aires, Argentina. …”

    Better recheck his birthdate.

  2. It says he was born in 1976 surely this is a mistake. The pope is about 80 years old

  3. Do not understand how the pope has such a fortune. In so doing is he really following Jesus who did not have money and warned us about not amassing treasures on earth. As a Catholic it offends me deeply to know of his fortune. Please, I need an answer as it troubles me.

    • I’m a former Roman Catholic but came to know the real faith in Jesus after I graduated from high school. What I can o ly say is, get out of her for she is Babylon mentioned in the Book of Revelation, full kf filth, greed, and drunkenness, and it reflects the billions of money and properities the Roman Catholic church has today. It’s not a church but a lavious cult. Get out of there and find Jesus. You can truly find Him if you pray and seek Him with all your heart. May the Lord bless you sister.

  4. This very good article has a typo. Pope Francis was born in 1936. I have known that, because he is 1 year my senior

  5. You may want to recheck Francis’ year of birth.

  6. He was born in 1936, not 1976.

  7. Shaun Joseph sixtus | November 28, 2020 at 7:33 pm | Reply

    Hi my name is Shaun Joseph sixtus I believe I’m a living glowing saint Joseph the 7th can you please send me some information on my family history please god bless

  8. Interesting that, as a Jesuit, Pope Francis has taken a vow of poverty….I am not sure a net worth of $25 to $28 million would be considered in keeping with that vow of “poverty”.

  9. What happens to the money belonging to the Pope after he dies?

    • The nun’s at my aunt’s Boston Convent are all on Medicaid. The Pope refuses to pay for their medical insurance after taking vows of poverty.

  10. “What happens to the money belonging to the Pope after he dies?”

    I’ll field that one. His ex-wives and kids will split it all equally as is the way of magnanimity and egalitarian brotherhood within the Catholic Church.

  11. Why would a Pope need a pay check. What a joke. As is the whole organization.

  12. The pope is not worth 25+ million. His office is, and the various relics and regalia that he has custody of as the pope. When he dies it goes into the custody of the next pope. In the end it all belongs to the vatican.

  13. Pope Francis is a Jesuit and took a vow of poverty upon ordination. As pope I suppose he could undo that vow but has chosen not too.
    Evidence of that is he has chosen NOT to live in the lavish papal apartment. Historically any proceeds of an ‘ordered’ priest are given and shared with their community eg: Jesuits. This vow is not abject poverty but intends to prevent focus on worldly possessions that distract from the worship of GOD!

  14. Funny how ignorant some people are; falling for the lies of people who know nothing about the Church. It is the most generous institution in the world. Do your research, Unbelievers. Open your hearts and minds to the Truth.

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