How Families Find Comfort through Online Board Games While Separated

Family playing

For close-knit families, being separated throughout the coronavirus pandemic can be very difficult. One family was able to stay connected with each other, while keeping some of the energy that they have when being physically together, by keeping a tradition alive: Playing board games. Although it is online, it still unites all generations for a period of time as they forget, for a few hours, that they have to stay apart.

​A tradition

The adults used to be children and the grand-parents were adults, when the tradition started. At Christmas, the brothers would always ask for different board games, amidst other gifts, and they usually ended-up being their favourites, as well as the family’s too. Games like Monopoly, Risk and Scrabble became part of their family life on a regular basis, throughout the years. Growing up, some games were added to the mix and even when the kids finally moved out, they still got together for dinner and a game.

Today, there are so many games online that can be played from the original board games to multiplayer role-playing games as well as casino style games. It is through those that they manage to keep the distance manageable in these difficult times while entertaining themselves. There are also new members of the family who have been added through time and all of them enjoy their game nights online.

​How Online Casinos helped with the Lockdown

Although this was unexpected, playing on online casinos also made the family closer, as it became a new entertainment that got them interacting. They would look for a mobile casino no deposit on which to play for the evening. Everyone would have their free money to play with, which would vary according to the casino they chose, and they would give themselves 30 minutes to play, before they all got back on a Zoom call. The one that made the most money was the winner of the evening.

What started happening was that one of the family members started winning on a regular basis, accumulating gains, in various online casinos. That was quite a thrill for them, as they all expected this to be only a fun game, where they would spend some entertaining time, and then talk about it, together. But then, it became a little more, as everyone found the casino game that they preferred to play, as it became a hobby that helped pass time. And so, it entered into their habits, like reading a book or watching a movie, always playing moderately, naturally.

​How to Get Everyone Together

The most difficult part of bringing the family together to play online game may be, for some, explaining to the oldest generation (the grand-parents) how to install some of the programs that are to be used. Although programs on the internet are usually user friendly, easy to install and easy to use, for those who don’t spend a lot of time on it (usually the older generation), it can still be a little complicated. And since it is not possible to sit beside them at this time, to explain how to go about it, patience is necessary.

There are various online platforms that can be used. To communicate, the family uses Discord which is similar to Skype but designed especially for video gamers. In regards to the board games, Steam offers a large variety, and they can launch Tabletop Simulator by Berserk Games to play all together.

Even though technology has changed our lives in many ways, this story proves that it also enables us to continue our traditions. In this case, it certainly made life more tolerable for all members who still can’t wait to be back all together in one location and play again, after what will certainly be a memorable first dinner.

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