How to do vape tricks like a pro?

A women doing vape tricks

Since the beginning of smoking, people have been trying to make smoke rings. Moreover, the new vape devices are making a deeper vapor than cigarettes and allow you to make some vape tricks. If you want to be a vaper and make tricks like a pro, you will have to learn a few things before starting. In this text we are going to show you how to do vape tricks and we are going to teach you the most known vape tricks.

How to begin with vape tricks

Firstly, you will need a vape device which allows you to exhale a thick vapor. Then, you will need an e-liquid for your vape: if you have never smoked cigarettes, don’t take an e-liquid with nicotine. To perform these tricks, you will need to fill up completely your lungs and throat. If you are beginning to vape, make sure that you are never doing this alone; it is good to learn in the presence of another vaper, just in case of cough crisis or choke. If you are new to this, have no fear. Vape tricks just take practice and time. For all the tricks we are going to show you, just take your time and practice as much as you can.

How to make O’s with vape?

The first trick everyone can do is the vape O’s. This is clearly the most popular smoke trick ever. For those who want to begin vape trick, you have to start by doing O’s. To all the tricks that we are going to present, you have to take as much vapor as possible in order to success.

To make smoke rings, the process is simple.

  • Take a pull on your vape and inhale as much vapor as possible in to your lungs and throat. In order to success this tricks, put your tongue at the bottom of your mouth.
  • Form a round “O” with your lips.
  • When all its done, try to push a little amount of vapor. In order to do that, you will have to train a lot to perform this trick. The advice that we can give you is to mimic a little cough to push vapor out of your throat by little amount.
  • The size of your O depends on your mouth opening.

As you can see, this process is simple but it requires training and time. When your vape O’s will be perfect, you will be enough trained to try out more vape tricks. However, you can improve your O’s quality with the double or triple vape rings. Same process for the simple rings, you just have to put your finger in the middle of your lips in order to make two rings.

The ghost vape trick: the classic

This trick is the classic one for both beginners and pros. This trick involves releasing a ball of vapor, let it float, and take it back into your lungs.

  • First of all, take as much vapor as possible into your mouth and hold it for a second.
  • Then, release the smoke with a little exhale in order to avoid pushing too far.
  • When you have a little cloud in front of you, inhale it back.

This trick may seem very simple, but it requires a lot of practice in order to avoid issues like a too fast pushing of too slow inhale of the smoke.

The French inhale: the trendy one

Also know as the Irish Waterfall, this trick was made famous by Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa. It involves a vapor flow from your mouth to your nose. This trick could be very difficult to manage because it only can be made if you can exhale through your mouth and take a little inhale with your nose.

  • Take a long drag but don’t inhale the smoke and hold the vapor into your mouth.
  • Then, open your mouth slowly and push the smoke away by little amount.
  • When the smoke will be push away your mouth, try to inhale by your nose. It will make a little vapor flow.

This trick is very difficult for beginners because of the vapor control that it needs.

How to make O’s with a juul?

You may have seen many videos of vapers that uses the juul to make impressive tricks. To make O’s with a jull, this is the same process. However, a juul and a vape don’t produce the same amount of vapor. With a juul, you won’t be able to make tricks if you are a beginner. Though it is technically possible, we don’t recommend you this device because they are meant to be used for smokers with nicotin e-liquid. However, you can easily make tricks with a juul if you are familiar with vape tricks.


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