What are VVS diamonds?

A diamond ring

We all know diamonds for their rarity and their expensive prices. In fact, it is one of the most rare gemstones in the world, and also one of the most expensive. The main use for diamond is by making rings in order to give it to someone. As a gift, a diamond ring will be perfect for an engagement ring. However, this is maybe the greatest gift that someone can do. Before giving your diamond ring or jewels to someone, you will have to understand all the specials features to choose the perfect diamond.

What is a VVS diamond?

VVS is the abbreviation for very, very small inclusions. In fact, this name stands for the diamond clarity grade. There are many different grades of diamond purity. VVS means that your diamond has blemishes and inclusions invisible to the human eye. In fact, the blemishes are dark spots, scratches and chips on your gemstone. To conclude, if you buy a VVS diamond, don’t worry about the imperfections because they are not visible. To see them, you will have to use a x10 microscope. The person who is going to receive that gift won’t even notice.

Where do VVS diamonds come from?

The diamonds are made of carbon, heat and pressure. The carbon is everywhere, in the atmosphere, in every stone and every body. To make a diamond, the carbon must be on extreme heat temperature: 1 000°C. Then, it has to take 50 kilos of pressure per centimeter square. At this pressure and this temperature, the carbon’s molecule will make chemical bonds.

Unfortunately, all of this process happens only in the middle of the earth: 160 km under our feet. Moreover, only a massive earthquake or a crash meteor can applied that pressure on earth. Diamonds take thousands of years to be created. To bring all the diamonds to the surface, there is only a volcano explosion.

There are different countries where the diamonds come from: Russia, Botswana, Congo, Australia, Canada, South Africa and more. All the diamonds are classified by four rules.

  • Firstly, the colour of the diamond is important. There are many colours for this gemstone and every colour has a different price. For example, the white diamond is the most rare diamond in the world. On the contrary, the pale yellow colouration for a diamond is well-known and not very attractive.
  • Then, the experts will classify the diamond from its size and from is weight. Bigger and heavier it is, the more expensive it will be.
  • The cut grade is an important part of the classification of a gemstone like a diamond. In this part, the diamond’s expert will check every single detail like the brightness, the size, the weight.
  • To conclude, the classification end with the clarity grade.

What about diamond’s clarity grade

There are different grades for the diamond’s clarity. All of them are based on the purity of the gemstone. In 1953, Richard T. Liddicoat established a classification system of gemstone in the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). In this system we can find many grades for the diamond’s purity.

I2 and I3

This grade includes all the diamonds with scratches. The letter “I” involve “Included” which means that the diamond have blemishes, dark spots and multiple scratches. Moreover, your diamond’s brightness is really decreased. This option is the cheapest for buying a gemstone.


A diamond with a I1 grade is a stone where you can find small inclusions like scratches which won’t affect the shining aspect of it.


In this type of diamonds, a lambda person won’t be able to see scratches and small inclusions, at least without seeing through a 10x microscope. This grade is considered with a better quality than the 90 % of diamonds in the market.

VS and VVS

This grade is maybe the most known if you want the best quality for your ring of your jewels. These two levels include that your gemstone has very small inclusions and very very small inclusion. For these gemstones, the scratches are so small that they are mostly invisible for a professional with a 20x microscope.


This is the most expensive purity grade that you can find. This abbreviation “IF” means “Internally Flawless”. This gemstone is completely perfect without any scratches, dark spots or blemishes. On a naked-eye and with a microscope, the only thing you will see is the gem’s purity.

With all these classifications, you will be able to know what’s better beetween vs and vvs diamonds and what diamond grade buy to give the best gift for your beloved companion.

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