How to increase your Tutoring Business through COVID-19

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The sanitary crisis caused by the coronavirus has changed many rules, especially in business. Those who adapt more rapidly, are usually the ones who end-up with new market shares, once situations like the one we are living are all said and done. More than ever, tutors need a platform they can join to be seen by potential clients and to learn how to teach online.

The Tutoring Business

All business fields are competitive, but it is particularly true of supplemental education. However, it is a $5 billion industry, so anyone who wants to find its place in the milieu can definitely do so, by working hard and adopting the right strategies. The market has also become an international one, with people in Japan wanting to learn the British English language and Brits looking to speak Spanish and other languages.

To benefit from this new development, you have to be able to be seen. There is no better time than now, as many people around the world are in lockdown and looking for things to do in-house. Learning new languages is on top of the list, but they are also looking for various other courses, to develop their knowledge, and so, looking for a tutor is in high-demand. That is why you need to enter into a platform to get the visibility that you would not be able to reach by yourself. The longer you wait, the more clients you lose, and it is hard to imagine that there will ever be a stronger demand than now.

Learning to teach Online

The second most important thing to do for a tutor today is to become a specialist of online lessons. Before the coronavirus came and modified the way businesses were ran, education in general was already heading into that direction. Tutoring is following the same route today, as people cannot leave their house. This new method will not go away once the COVID-19 crisis has passed. There may be a small percentage of people going back to tutoring in person, but most will keep their new online habits, since it makes it easier.

But you have to be able to adapt your method to fit this new media. Tutoring through a computer is not the same as with your physical presence. You first have to know perfectly well how to work with online tools such as Zoom and Skype (video calls). Then you should also make the most of other applications and programs to help your students learn better.

Don’t miss the technological turn this industry is taking, or it could be very costly for your tutoring business. It is your turn to learn, so you can help others do so.

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