The Latest Sextoys: Made for Women… Designed by Women


Who knows a woman’s need best: Another woman of course! It is particularly true of sexuality. That is why a new generation of women designers has decided to get into the market of sextoys. Suddenly, the old phallus vibrators are losing ground to the benefit of small colourful objects, that are not necessarily meant to enter the body. Go minimal for maximum pleasure? Let’s see where this leads…

Elegance: Part of the New Look of Sextoys

Women and men don’t see things the same way. And it right from the conception of the object. A man will often fall for “bigger is better” where a woman will need something to be functional and to disappear in the décor. That’s why you might see on Instagram today, a woman wearing a gold chain with a pendant with the mention underneath: “I am wearing a sextoy.” The truth is, sextoys for women are becoming more elegant. So much so that you might not even know that they are one.

That is the theory behind many of the new design for women’s sextoys: If it doesn’t look like one, even if you forget it on the table, nobody will ever notice. It takes on so many different forms that no one would have imagined, even just ten years ago. A pastel egg, a diamond that vibrates, a waterproof gold ring: So many different designs which go unnoticed, if you don’t know what they are.

Minimal Design for Maximum Pleasure

They are smaller and smaller, but their aim is to bring a maximum of pleasure to the woman who uses it. They are colourful, playful, pretty, modern, and you can find so many different models for various uses, that each woman will be able to choose the one she likes best. But the design is not only there for beauty, it is also there to suit a woman’s anatomy perfectly.

Today, many women know what a rabbit sextoy is. It was made popular in the series “Sex and the City.” In fact, sextoys for women have become a normal part of a girl’s sexuality. With more women designing them, this trend should continue to grow. Size still matters: Only today, the smaller the better! That way a woman can carry it around with her at all times.

Pleasure isn’t and shouldn’t be taboo for women. When you consider that only 66% of women say they have an orgasm when having sex with their partner, compared to 95% for men, we can understand why they keep their sextoy around…

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