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For many years, the Japanese culture has become trendy and many people all around the world are very familiar with this culture: whether it is food, video games, anime or way of life. In this text, we are going to talk about the anime culture and the accessibility of those tv-shows in our country. The anime industry is growing drastically over the years and you can find every topic on animes: sports, love story, heroic fantasy, science-fiction, etc. Most of the people around the world are using streaming sites to see these japaneses tv-shows, but these sites are mainly unsafe. If you are new to this culture, you may be asking “where can i watch anime online safely?” That’s why we have made a list of 10 safe anime streaming sites.

Gogoanime.io: the best one

This is the first one that we wanted to talk about. This site is maybe the most popular safe site to watch anime freely. Moreover, it contains a thousand different anime. On this anime website, nothing is restricted and you can connect from everywhere around the world. However, the quality of the english subtitles makes this website way better than the other. To conclude with this one, Gogoanime.io offers thousands of movies and tv-show that are also downloadable for free.

Kissanime.ru: a safe anime website with a forum

Kissanime is not the most known site among others, but it offers many services. First of all, this site is one of the best user-friendly site thanks to the user interface that allow users to navigate through the option to get the perfect anime easily. As we said on the title, this site provides one of the best online anime forums. Moreover, this anime website provides a strong community that post reviews and news every day.

AnimeLab: a premium experience anime website

AnimeLab is everywhere: on Xbox One, Google Chrome Cast, Apple Airplay, Apple TV, Samsung TV, PS4 and many other supports. This site provides a premium experience for those who don’t want any popup ads and a good quality. Moreover, this site is a safe place to watch anime.

Crunchyroll.com: the legality above all

If you believe in legal content only, you will be pleased to see that Crunchyroll is the only site where you can find 100% uncompromised legal content. Indeed, the legality has a price and you have to pay to access to those animes. Moreover, on this site, you will find thousands of best animes.

AnimeFreak.tv: the most complete

AnimeFreak.tv is often criticized for their user-friendliness of this website although you can easily navigate through with a bit experience. Then, most of the users are complaining about the fact that there is an enormous number of ads. However, this site full of content. Through this complex interface, you will be able to find thousands of anime movies and tv-shows with a perfect quality.

Animedao.com: a safe streaming website

If you are a fan of streaming website, this site was created for you. Moreover, the creators made animedo safe for all users. This anime website offers a really good range of anime content with good english subtitles.

Chia-anime.tv: a free anime website

Chia-anime.tv is one of the most known sites where you can watch anime safely. Firstly, this place offers the latest content x10 faster than the other anime websites. Then, the administrator provide the best quality for free. To conclude, this site has earned a good credibility with the fans because it hasn’t been banned for the past few years which means that you can freely enjoy your time on this site without the fear of never coming back.

Animedxd.me: a serious safe site

If you are a serious anime follow, then you have to give this site a shot. Animexd.me provides an enormous amount of content in a good quality with good subtitles, but the most important part of this site is the fact that the site provide a trending zone where you can explore your new anime.

9anime: high definition and safety above everything else

This site is iconic for its purple colour interface but it gives so much more than a good interface. 9anime is completely focussed on providing the best experience for users. The quality of their anime is very important for the administrators.

Animeseason.com: a safe website without ads

In order to conclude this list of safe anime website, we wanted to talk about the site who was known for this absence of ads during the navigation. In fact, animeseason.com claim to be the only site without any ads. Moreover, this site is easy to navigate and the content is easy to locate.

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  1. The fact that Kissanime.ru is on here is evidence as it is that this is certainly NOT safe to use, it immediately attacks your computer the second you load in.

  2. Gogoanime.io is not really that safe. I got a huge junk of virus after watching AoT (snk.) popupaads and the classic “Anna 27 years old, 5 miles away from you.”

  3. Thanks for the list will check them out. I saw this one too.

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