Best Portable Car Battery Chargers in 2021

Connected cables to a battery charger

In winter, when you live in a Northern country, weather can change in a hurry and get really cold, rapidly. If your car battery is not brand new, the rigor of winter might be too much for it to stay alive, during those days. That’s when you will be happy you bought a car battery charger, which of course, you remembered to keep in the car. Here is the result of testing, to inform you on which car battery chargers are currently the best value on the market.

Some of the Best

We’ve decided to bring you the best names for different categories, including overall. That way, you can choose according to your needs. But if you want to buy the very best there is, you will choose the “Tacklife T8.” From its compact size to long battery life and advanced standard features, it stands ahead of the competition, in every aspect. No matter which one you pick, you will be a happy man/woman on the day you’ll need it. And if you never do, then at least you will have driven for years with comfort of mind, knowing it would be there, if you ever did.

Grand Winner Best Overall: Tacklife T8

A One-year Charge

What is the one thing you don’t want in a car battery charger? For it to be empty of energy when you need to use it. The Tacklife T8 will hold its power for a duration of one year, once it is full charged. So even if you think of plugging it, only once a year, preferably before the cold season start, you still shouldn’t have any problem using it, whenever an issue arises.

Compact and strong

The next best thing about a car charger is its small size. No one wants to carry a second battery around the car. The Tacklife T8 can definitely be called compact, yet it is also powerful. Those two adjectives really go along well, when you talk car battery chargers. That alone makes it the perfect car battery charger. Have your doubts? This small product can charge a 12v battery in seconds, for as many as 30 times, before you have to recharge it. Convinced now?

Has Two USB Ports, serves as a Flashlight, a Compass and More

What’s worse than being stuck in the middle of nowhere, in winter time? Having to live this with a dead phone battery! That’s why the Tacklife T8 has two USB ports, so you can plug your phone in to load it, if you need to call for help. Add the facts that you can use it as a flashlight, that it has a compass on it, that it comes with a lot of extra cables, and it explains why you won’t find a better product than this!

NOTE: Instructions are not optimal.

Choice for Best Value: Nexpow G17


If money is an important issue for you, then you can choose the next best product on this list, which is the Nexpow G17. It will make you save some money, and you’ll still have a very good tool in your car, if you ever need to recharge your battery.

Quick Charge Capacities

The greatest advantage of the Nexpow G17 is definitely the fact that it can charge your car battery in record time. But it can also do so with other equipment, such as your mobile phone, laptop or tablet. That’s because it uses a type-C port and Quick Charge 3.0. Of course, it will also charge your car battery thanks to its1500A plus 21800mAh capacity.

Good Safety Features and Lightweight

The Nexpow G17 is not so small, but it is quite light in hand. It comes with a variety of safety features that really upgrade the product, like a reverse polarity protection and an overload security as well. It possesses an internal LED flashlight, an emergency light, and a jumper cable.

Overall, it’s definitely a good buy. The only real issue with this car battery charger is that you’ll need to recharge it often, since it will only work a couple of times to recharge your car battery.

Named Best in all kind of weather: Noco Boost Plus GB40

Quick Charges (and recharges)

This car battery charger will start up a dead battery in a matter of seconds. That is how powerful the item is. This 1000A portable car and truck starter is not scared to go to work, and it can do so, over and over again, for about twenty times before it can’t anymore, and you need to recharge it. But because, unlike most models, it uses a USB plus, you can actually recharge it to form the lighter plug in the car, while you drive. If you are on the road for a few hours, it will be good to go again, when you arrive at your destination.

Water Resistant

The greatest quality of the NOCO Boost Plus GB40 is definitely its shell, which was build to be water resistant. It makes it safe to use in any kind of weather, rain or snow, and makes you wonder why other brands haven’t thought of that as they were designing theirs.

Additional Accessories

Like the two previous ones, it comes with a variety of accessories. Some that are standard, like the SOS light, the spark-proof technology and the reverse polarity protection, but it is worth nothing that its LED flashlight has seven different modes. Its USB port can charge your lighter electronic items, as well. However, they could have thought about adding at least one more port, to make it more useful.

Best Professional Tool: Dewalt DXAEJ14


It’s not a professional tool for no reason; the Dewalt DXAEJ14 can do much more than just boost your battery. Need to pump your tires? Check! Run an alternator verification? Check! Recharge your devices through USB cords? Check! This tool is exactly what you need when you live in your car/truck.

Built tough

It may be Ford’s slogan, but it is quite true when it comes to the Dewalt DXAEJ14, as well. Its case is strong, with a handle on top, to help you carry it. And help, you will need. This tool weighs 18 pounds, so it is not for those who never exercise. Then again, it was meant for the trade, so it’s understandable. Besides, it provides you exactly what it promises and more. Thanks to a lit LED panel on the front, you’ll be able to read the tire pressure and the battery life left, when you connect it. With 1400A, it will kick-start any car or truck you hook up to it.

NOTE: Though we have already said it, you need to take in account its weight. It can be hard to pick-up from the trunk of a car.

The Best Battery Car Charger for Small Cars: Scosche PBJ700-1

Compact and Light

Small cars need small accessories. That is what is delivered with the Scosche PBJ700-1. It is so compact that you can place it in the glove compartment! Yet, it still has all the power you will need to jump your car, when it won’t start, through an output of 700 amps. And even though it is light, it is built to last, thanks to its sturdy case.

All the Safety Features needed and More

The beauty of this small car battery charger is that it possesses all the safety features the bigger ones have. Polarity, overheating, overcharging and short circuit protections are all inserted into the product. There is also a built-in flashlight, like most of the previous ones, which comes really handy at night, and a battery level indicator, so that you don’t forget to plug it, when it needs to be recharged.

The main issue with the Scosche is that it won’t work too well in very cold conditions. It is simply not strong enough to jump a completely dead battery. However, it is built to work in the rain and snow.


When you buy a car battery charger, you are actually buying a multi-task tool. It is the one item you need to have in your car for safety purposes. Imagine you find yourself stuck on a road with a dead battery; you would call for help, right? But if your phone is also out of energy, what would you do? The car battery chargers we included in our list have the capacity to recharge your mobile and all your electronic equipment, as well.

Also, there is usually a flashlight, so that you can look into the hood without a problem, at nighttime. Other accessories included with the charger can also come handily, especially the one on the Dewalt, which can also pump your tires.

But all things considered, the reasons why the Tacklife T8 is the best in show, is that it is strong enough to start any type of car battery, and that it has two additional USB outputs. After all, these are the two main reasons why you buy a car battery charger. But it can also be used up to 30 times before you need to recharge it, which basically means, you can forget to charge it and chances are, it will still be working next time you need it!

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