Causes And Approaches To Cure Sweat And Odour

Why people sweat

Smelly armpits and feet are never attractive and can’t prevent people from being friends with you. So if you always feel like you’re missing out on enjoying good things because of sweat, this article is for you.

Why do we sweat?

The sweat glands present in our body produce sweat in order to regulate our body temperature so that our body can cool down when the temperature inside gets too high. This is to prevent severe problems related to body temperature and constantly cause the skin to let go of extra moisture.

Each person’s sweat glands develop according to where they spend the first two years of their life, which is why some people are more sweaty than others. We retain the sweat glands when we get older, but only a few of them actually produce sweat.

What causes sticky hands and smelly feet?

Mainly present in our hands’ palms, our forehead, and feet, we have eccrine sweat glands that produce sticky sweat and get triggered even by mental stress or pressure since they are connected to our sympathetic nervous system as well.

Some people experience excessive sweat in these areas because of symptoms of a condition called hyperhidrosis, and when it is limited only to the hands, it is called palmer hyperhidrosis. These sticky areas tend to get irritating due to the pores being susceptible to more discharge and hands and feet, in particular, being used a lot in daily activities.

Why does sweat smell?

Sweat in itself is actually odorless. It is believed that sweat smells, but that is a big myth since certain chemicals in the body actually cause this smell that is released from our sweat glands. The apocrine glands, present mainly in our armpits and genital areas produce sweat that attracts a specific type of bacteria.

This bacteria, one of them named Corynebacterium, considers the sweat on these areas, that are rich in fatty substance, to be a great form of nutrition. These organisms become the reason that these areas smell. It is, in fact, their presence that is smelly and not the sweat produced, which is why only certain areas experience the stringent smell.

Why do I sweat more than other people?

Some people sweat more than others. Our sweat glands develop in the first two years of our lives, and so wherever you live during those two years impacts the glands a lot. Apart from that factor, there are several other factors that govern how much one sweats.

Heredity, gender, and age

Heredity plays an essential role in how much water-retaining capacity your body has and the general metabolism of the body. Women do not sweat as much as men since their body temperatures, in general, are higher and do not produce as much liquid. Similarly, older people tend to sweat less than young people, so age plays a vital role as well.

Mental health

People with more mental health issues like anxiety and stress tend to sweat more since the glands are connected to the sympathetic nervous system. When in fatigue, people tend to sweat more too. These are mostly faulty signals to the body to reduce the temperature when in circumstances that heat up the normal body temperature. Similar effects can also be experienced in the capacity of menopause, pregnancy, and in case of mental illnesses.

Certain diseases

Even though excessive sweating has a lot of other reasons, sometimes, the triggers might be certain diseases as well. These could be, but is not limited to, the following diseases:

  • Cardiac arrest
  • Lung embolus
  • Diabetes
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Acute allergic attack
  • Pneumonia

What can I do to sweat less?

Sweat is produced in circumstances when your body temperature vis-a-vis the outside temperature is not in balance. It is crucial to keep up to proper health, and sweating less is only a part of doing better. Here’s what you can do to sweat less-

Maintain bodily hygiene

Washing hands frequently helps keep hands off the sticky substance, provided that you use soap only when necessary, and the soap you use is soft, lest your skin will go dry. Similar logic goes for taking a shower- it should be regular, and using a bar of mild soap is recommended. Consume a lot of water, let your skin breathe properly and use talc, and remember to use proper footwear in case of hyperhidrosis. Also, carry tissues and hand cleaner with you regularly so that you can use them often.

Mental hygiene

As discussed before, mental hygiene is also necessary to maintain the right sweat level. Sleep schedules need to be checked so that you ensure you sleep well and sleep enough. Relaxing is very important since it helps you destress and stop the build-up of everyday life. You should take your time doing things but not procrastinate doing them either so that they don’t add up to your stress later.

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