How to give a second life to your internet router

internet router

The internet has become a fundamental part of our lives almost to the point of becoming a basic necessity in first-world countries.

We do almost everything on the internet. It’s our primary tool for work, and even more in a context where working from home is becoming the standard and apps like Microsoft Teams and Zoom have taken control of our lives whereas we hadn’t even heard about them in the past.

Add this to the vast payment methods available thanks to the breakthroughs of cybersecurity and you can understand how important the internet has become in our lives.

And without internet routers, there’s no internet. That’s why today we will give you some tips on how to make the most of that forgotten router you have in your wardrobe, or the one that your last internet company left at your place when you changed companies.

You can improve your home Wi-Fi connectivity

Wi-Fi signal has a determined range. Depending on your router machine, it can be a couple of meters, and depending on the layout of your home, the signal can be delivered easier to some rooms than others.

This is where your old router can lend you a hand. One of the most useful jobs you can give the unused router at your place is that of an antenna. You will need to configure your router to serve as a signal repeater of the main router.

For this, you will have to connect the old router to the new one with the help of an Ethernet cable in the farthest place of your home in relation to the new router. This will save you between 15$ and 30$ for a repeater according to Amazon prices.

Increase the number of wired connections

Usually, routers have a section in the rear area of the device to connect directly through an Ethernet cable. Wired connections are always more stable and secure, which is a requisite for many workers in tech industries or cybersecurity jobs.

The number of Ethernet ports in the back of a router can vary from 2 to 4 and if you’re in an office or a coworking space this could be occupied very rapidly.

Luckily, your old router can serve as an extension of the Ethernet ports of the new router, just connect both routers using one of the Ethernet ports and you’ll be able to use the remaining connections for other devices.

This becomes handy if you have online game players at home that fill their free time by playing online games on platforms like that offer all the fun of slot machines in their digital versions. The internet has allowed the transition of land-based casinos to fully digital online casinos where people can play for real money and experience immersive and dynamic games from the comfort of their homes. But in most cases, a stable internet connection is necessary for an optimal gaming experience, and this is where a wired connection steals the spotlight in terms of offering the best possible connectivity.

Create a network for guests

It’s becoming very common for routers to have the option to create a separate network for guests, so perhaps your new router has this special function. But in the case it doesn’t, your old router can do this job.

Whether you prefer not to give your Wi-Fi name and password to every guest that comes by your place or perhaps you rent one of the rooms in your house on, creating a separate network for guests is the perfect solution for this.

Once again, you will need an Ethernet cable, connect your old router to the new one and configure the old router in bridge mode. This way you’ll be able to create a guest network and set a new name and password for it.

Sharing files online

This is one of the most unknown services that a router can give you. Have you ever noticed that most routers have a USB port on their back?

You can connect a pen drive or external hard drive to the router and share the documents inside on the Wi-Fi network to be reachable by any device connected to the router via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable.

You will need to access the configuration site of the router to choose how you want the information to be shared, either by an FTP or through another kind of network available. Every router has its way of sharing documents.

Remember that beyond the ability to share documents, you can also connect a printer to the USB port, use a 4G modem, or even back up the data of your devices.

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