How to Keep Snakes Away from Your Home

How to avoid snakes by the house

Are you experiencing snakes slithering around your house? It is a scary idea just to even think of having a scaly and legless animal on your property. They can be beneficial in terms of getting rid of rodents, but having them around can also be dangerous. Here are some of the methods to keep snakes away from your home.

How to Get Rid of Snakes Hiding Places

The first thing you want to do is get rid of the places that snakes can hide in, like damp or cool cracks and holes. Snakes like to live in those cold and secluded spots, which they could find in your basement or your house foundation. If you have any cracks or holes that snakes can stay in, you should seal those areas as soon as possible.

Moreover, the clutter in your yard can be a perfect hideout for a reptile. If you have any pile of items such as useless junk, construction debris, scrap metals, or even compost heap, you should get rid of all that or rearrange them in a proper place so snakes cannot find their way in.

What are the best Snakes Repellent?

Snakes do not like garlic, onions, vinegar, ammonia, lime, and pepper. Thus, you can burn garlic and onions, then put them around your house. In addition, one thing we recommend is soaking rags with ammonia and leaving them around your property.

You can also buy repellent chemicals and put them in certain areas. However, this method is quite dangerous if you have kids or pets around. If you do, then make sure to keep your children and your pets away.

Eliminating Snakes Food

Because snakes move around to find food and shelter, removing rodents and other small animals can prevent snakes from coming around your house for a snack. Make sure that there are no food plates in your yard, and seal all of your garbage cans.

Build a Fence

Keeping snakes away requires a specific fence, a normal fence won’t work well with these particular creatures. You can put in place a snake-proof barrier such as a catch net, or a steel mesh, or even a rubber sheet. That way, the snakes won’t be able to slither around.

One thing you should be careful of while putting up a fence is to make sure that they are anchored deep enough into the ground. The fence should be at least three feet high and there shouldn’t be any space between the ground and its base. Furthermore, you can put eggshells, gravel, or pine cones to make it harder for snakes to trespass on your property.

Get a Natural Predator

With a natural predator, not only will you get a pet, but you will also keep the snakes away. Foxes and raccoons are the common ones. If you cannot get them, you can try pigs or cats, as they will also scare the snakes away. Another method you can try is spraying fox urine around your place. This can trick the snakes as the smell of the fox urine indicates the presence of the fox.

Getting a dog is another good way to keep snakes away. As we all know, dogs are predators to snakes and rodents. Our scaly little friends will be scared to death when they see your dog or hear it barking!

Call for a Pest Control Company

If it is out of control and the snakes are already in your house, calling for a pest control service is the best idea. This way, you will not have to deal with them on your own, and it is much safer. They will just remove the snakes without any harm and will just put them in their natural habitats.

Another Way to Keep Snakes Out

Leaving your hair around your house can keep the snakes away. It is to show that there are humans around and believe it or not, they are scared of us like we are scared of them. Showing the snakes that this is human territory is a great way to repel them without using any chemicals.

How to Keep Snakes Away from the Pool?

As mentioned above, snakes like damp and wet places. The pool is one of the places that are likely to have snakes come around. Pouring white vinegar around your pool will make the snakes hate your pool area since their skin absorbs liquid. Thus, absorbing vinegar into their skin would not be the most pleasant thing.

In all cases, the safety of your family is the most important thing. Some snakes are venomous and dangerous, while some are not at all. However, keeping them out of your house and garden is the best thing to do. If your house has too many unwanted visitors, you can try to contact a wildlife control company to get rid of them ethically.

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