What are the New Digital Marketing Strategies, post COVID-19?

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Life has a way to balance itself. Even the darkest moments in history have been periods where some individuals thrived, by answering to the new necessities of life. We are seeing this pattern being repeated, once again, thanks to the pandemic. In lockdown mode, the world has seen companies like “Amazon” rise even higher than before, and others like “Zoom” take an important place in the way business is done. Here is what it changed in terms of digital marketing strategies.

Follow the New Paths

As businesses were shut down for a period of time, due to the lockdown, they had to reinvent themselves quickly. Therefore, new paths were created, which have now been walked on often enough, so that we can actually follow their traces. Here are the tracks laid by leaders and entrepreneurs which you should follow for your digital marketing strategies today.

Optimize Local and International SEO

All regions of the world were not affected equally by the coronavirus crisis. Therefore, it has become more important than ever to identify various regions where you will focus on SEO, locally but also internationally. If you have a product to sell, which can be used by anyone, you cannot afford anymore, not to be present in large markets like India, for example. SEO takes time, so don’t imagine you will suddenly become a hit in the new countries you are developing. But seeds will grow in time, if you keep planting and feeding them.

Offer New Payment Plans to Your Customers

The lockdown has caused a major slowdown of the economy. However, some people were also able to accumulate more money, as they kept on receiving their salary, yet has had no outlet to spend their money. But they have also become worried about the future. They aren’t convinced about the security of their job, if this pandemic continues. Therefore, you need to offer them new payment methods that will ease their financial burden for today and tomorrow.

Choose Online Paid Advertising

The COVID-19 crisis has seen customers move from “buying in stores” to “shopping online.” Although the conversion rate has dropped, as people shop around more, before buying the product or service they are looking for, the number of offered slots to advertise as increased importantly. As in all business, a higher offer tends to decrease cost, which is the case in this scenario. Therefore, it is a great time to get into paid advertising. Even though you may not convert every time someone clicks on your ad, you will still create good visibility and end-up selling more than with other digital marketing strategies.


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