Who’s Rachel Minnie Sharp, the ex-wife of Luke Perry?

Luke Perry and his ex-wife Rachel Minnie Sharp

Could you believe that a piece of lingerie is what caused Luke Perry to get married and have 2 children with a diehard fan of his? Well, what if we told you that this is how it all began? If you were looking for information about Rachel sharp, we prepared a little bio so you know everything there is to know about her and her love story with Luke Perry.

How did Rachel Sharp meet Luke Perry?

Allegedly speaking, Rachel would have sent a bra with a fan letter to Perry in 1991. She was one of his biggest fans, she hadn’t missed one episode of the Beverly Hills 90210 show, and she had pictures of him all over her room. It seems that Luke was attracted by the playfulness of Rachel, and decided to meet her for a date. From there, they rapidly fell in love with each other, and officially started dating the same year.

Who is Rachel Minnie Sharp?

Rachel ‘Minnie’ Sharp is the now ex-wife of Luke Perry. She was born in 1969 in the state of California. Her father, Alan Sharp, was married 4 times and had 6 children, including Rachel. Both her mom and dad were novelists, her mom (Beryl Bainbridge) was especially known for her light novel Sweet William, written in 1975. On the other hand, Alan Sharp was best known for writing the screenplay of the movie The Year of Living Dangerously, in 1983.

You may be surprised that Rachel was also an actress who started her acting career in 1987. During that year, she was co-starring Jason Bateman in the movie Teen Wolf Too, which was a pretty big flop, to be honest. Still, having a co-star such as Bateman is no small accomplishment for a first film. A few years later (1991), she started dating Luke Perry, got married 2 years later, and gave birth to their 2 children;

  • Jack Perry, born in 1997
  • Sophie Perry, born in 2000

Luke and Rachel divorced after 10 years of marriage in 2003 but remained good friends until the end. That being said, it was reported by many fans that it seems like Sharp had a hard time going through the divorce, and didn’t give much news since.

Who is Luke Perry?

Luke Perry (Coy Luther) was born in 1966 and became a teen idol with his famous role in the TV series Beverly Hills 90210 playing on the Fox channel. He was also known for starring as Fred Andrews in the CW series Riverdale based on the Archie comic books. In 1991, he started dating Rachel Minnie Sharp, who was a huge fan of his at the time.

How did Luke Perry die?

At the age of 52, Luke Perry died from a massive stroke in 2019. He was rushed to the hospital, but sadly they weren’t able to save him. He was severely sedated, doctors were hoping for his brain to recover, but at last, it was already too late. This was not the first time Luke Perry got a severe health problem. In 2015, he was hospitalized and thanks to a colonoscopy, it was found that he had precancerous growths. His Beverly Hills 90210 co-star, Ian Ziering, shared a throwback picture on his socials a short while after his death was announced.

At the time of his death, Perry was secretly engaged to the family therapist and former actress Wendy Madison Bauer. She was seen only once with Luke, during a red carpet event in 2017 where nobody knew who she was. It didn’t help that Luke refused to give her name to the media at the time. As a matter of fact, it’s only recently that her engagement with him came to light.

When and where did Luke Perry marry Rachel Sharp?

On November 20th, 1993, Luke Perry and Rachel Sharp got married after 2 years of dating. The wedding was quite a private one for such a big star, as it had only about 50 guests, including most of the Beverly Hills 90210’s crew. Moreover, the event took place at a Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills.

Actually, the initial plan was to go to Las Vegas, but the media were on to them, which kind of ruined the project, so that was cancelled. The love birds then decided to prepare a secret wedding that would happen at the local Four Seasons Hotel a few weeks later.

Who are the children of Luke Perry?

Luke Perry and Rachel had 2 children, Jack Perry, and Sophie Perry. Jack became a professional wrestler and got signed by All Elite Wrestling. He is also known as the Jungle Boy and has millions of fans all around the world.

Meanwhile, Sophie is in a totally different kind of business, as she became a professional wedding planner. In 2019, she got proposed by EastEnders actor Matt Di Angelo, who had been dating Sophia for more than 5 years.

To whom did Luke Perry leave his fortune after he died?

After Luke’s passing, it was reported by The Blast that his fortune was inherited by his 2 kids, Jack and Sophie, who divided the money evenly. At the time of his death, in 2019, Luke Perry’s fortune was worth around $10 million, including his $2 million home in the San Fernando Valley in California.

What does Rachel Sharp do now?

Rachel has been pretty silent and discrete about her personal life since the divorce. She didn’t even talk to any journalists after the death of Luke, but she was present at his bedside when he passed away at the hospital, a bit less than a week after he had suffered the stroke.

Moreover, on National Women’s Day, her daughter, Sophie Perry, shared a picture of them together. In the little text below the latter, we could read how important Rachel had been during the grieving moments of the late Luke Perry. Sophie said that without her, she wouldn’t have been able to go through this situation and that her mom was her best friend.

And that’s pretty much all we got on Rachel Minnie Sharp’s life. We hope that answered most of your questions, even though she has not shared much since the divorce, which is not a bad thing when you think about it.

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