What are the meanings of the different eye colors?

Eye colour

Many of us are convinced that just like our astrological sign or the color of our hair, the color of our eyes says a lot about our personality. Brown eyes are signs of creativity, gray eyes are a sign of caution, blue eyes are a sign of gaiety … Even if scientifically, heredity is the only one responsible for individual personality traits, the uniqueness of our eyes can also be a window on our soul, as many think.

Understanding the inheritance of eye colors

First, let’s try to identify the hereditary side of eye color. To understand how everyone inherits their eye color, a little genetics course is needed. In fact, this is probably the easiest part of all genetics to pin down, with hair color, which follows the same pattern.

Each color is associated with a gene that is either dominant (D) or recessive (r):

  • Brown = B (Dominant)
  • Gray = G (Dominant)
  • green = g (recessive)
  • blue = b (recessive)

During procreation, each parent gives one of its two genes to the child. If the child ends up with two recessive genes (r), or two dominant genes (D) the color will be at random from the two colors. On the other hand, if it recovers a dominant gene (D) and a recessive gene (r), then the dominant gene will necessarily determine the color of the eyes of the child.

For example, if the mother has two blue genes (b / b), and the father, two brown genes (B / B), then the child will necessarily be (B / b), and will necessarily have blue eyes.

At this stage, a misunderstanding often appears: we say to ourselves that a child of two parents with brown eyes will therefore inevitably have brown eyes, while this is not necessarily the case, because the child can just as easily inherit a recessive gene from the parent! In other words, parents can pass on a recessive gene, even if their eye color is determined by a dominant gene. Are you still following?

Let’s take an example to illustrate this scenario: if the parents both have brown and blue genes (B / b), therefore with brown eyes, then they can each transmit their recessive blue gene to the child. , which will therefore be found (b / b), therefore with blue eyes. Got it this time?

Personality traits associated with each color

Now let’s see which personality trait is associated with each eye color.

Brown eyes, a sign of sociability

Brown is the most common eye color, regardless of skin color. Given its widespread nature, it is therefore quite complex to generalize about the personality of their carriers. However, it is common to see people with brown eyes who are more creative than average, optimistic, independent and reliable.

Other qualities that can often be found in people with brown eyes are loyalty, being friendly and caring. They are often extremely social and close to those around them who matter in their lives, such as friends, colleagues or family. They are generally quite down to earth, Cartesian, which makes them confident and fearless. They can also be slightly stubborn.

Gray eyes, hard to pinpoint

People with gray eyes are often very cool on the surface, but can be very difficult to pin down in depth. They are often found with unexplained and sometimes extreme inconsistencies. They may one day reflect a calm, calm sea, and the next may be a raging storm.

The main personality trait associated with gray eyes is caution – it often takes a long time for their wearers to trust others. But once this step is done, their calm and peaceful company is usually most enjoyable.

Blue eyes, symbol of happiness and freedom

If blue eyes are often adored, it is for their unparalleled beauty, usually coupled with the attraction they can create. If they often disappear over time – which makes them all the more special – those who keep them mostly present happy, joyful, bon vivant personality traits.

Blue eyes are also commonly associated with intelligence. Their wearers are often reluctant to routine due to their passionate love for life, which can also lead them to a cranky character at the opposite extreme of their intense joy, bordering on love and hate.

Green Eyes, rares and exclusive

If the color green is the rarest eye color, it makes their owners an exclusive club. Women with green eyes are generally unsurpassed in beauty, and are known to be very independent, in control of their lives. Men with the same color, on the other hand, are often very pragmatic and insightful.

the two types carrying this color generally present a sexy and magical side which makes them very attractive, like the bearers of blue eyes. They are mostly patient, attentive to those around them, but can also become aggressive and lightning fast when they have to impose their point of view, which they generally do not hesitate to do. In this case, it is better not to stay on their way.


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